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The new beginning.

I've created art from a young age. Drawing the macabre, and embracing the darker side of life.  It was such a crutch for me, looking back, I've always needed to create as a way of self expression.

I started this brand as I was creating artwork and wanted to share it with the world. I would draw monsters and animals as that's what I've always been drawn to, without really understanding why I was drawing what I was drawing. 

Looking back, it's either been a cry for help, or a way to express my emotions. All without realising. I can put an emotion to every piece of art I've created and rememeber what I was going through at the time - it all makes so much sense.


Moving forwards, I want to tell my story, embrace my feelings and memories and use them to explore the twisted tangles of mental health issues.  My end goal is to allow my art to help other people realise they are not alone in their struggles. 


I'm looking forward to the future and have a lot planned. 

I love you all and thank you for helping me build this brand, it's helped me through a lot and now it's my turn to repay the kindness.


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